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Jump Rope Exercises for Boxing Shoes for Jumping Rope

When jumping rope, you want to make sure thatyou have the proper footwear. And I'm sure that hopefully this will be a surprise toa lot of coaches, to a lot of boxers, and that's why we're trying to help you here.But you really shouldn't be jumping rope in your boxing shoes that you're going to belater competing in. Number one, it really does a lot of wear and tear on your boxingshoes. Number two, boxing shoes by design do not have the support required for actualup and down jumping all the time and putting all that torque on your feet, especially ifyou're going to be doing the endurance jumping for fifteen to twenty minutes at a time. Nowif you're in the ring jump roping, then you

should be fine with your boxing shoes otherthan the wear and tear. But if you're jumping on the concrete floor especially, or on athin carpet or on wood or anything other than a good shock absorbing mat, you should bewearing a good, like a running shoe or something with some good support and some good shockabsorbency and not just your boxing shoes. Thank you.

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