Basketball Jump Foul

By | February 21, 2017

Basketball Jump Shot Layup Tips Finishing Layups After Contact

Hi, this is Sean Hobson, and what I'm talkingabout right now is how to finish a layup. How to make and use the proper mechanics tomake a good layup when drawing contact. One of the most important things that we see happenall the time is, when guys are coming in to shoot a layup, either they shy away from thecontact, or they're unable to finish against the contact. And this is just something youneed to work on in practice. A lot of times what we do is when we're doing our line layups,I'll either stand underneath with a pad and hit the guys as they're going up for theirshot, or we'll use a situation where they'll pass and then they'll come and defend them,and we'll have them back them a little bit.

But you've got to become good at finishinglayups with contact. And the way you do that is a): you use a power layup. When Zack'scoming down, if he's going to draw contact right here, he's got to be able to come downand seal himself and become strong here, and take that contact to the inside, and and storethat ball up, and be able to finish it on the outside. That's one way. The other way,we've got to make sure not to do, is to have this guy fade away. We don't want him to comedown and fade away from the contact. For one, he's not going to get a good shot off, fortwo, he's not going to draw a foul. So he's got to make sure and take it to this player,draw the contact, then make the shot and finish

it. Let's see what it looks like. Okay, hegot a foul, and that's what we want. There's going to be two things that happen when youtake it in strongeither you're going to make the shot, or you're going to draw a foul.But the one thing he did was he took it to the basket, he didn't fade away, because ifhe would have faded away and missed the shot, we get no foul, we get nothing about of it.So it's important to try to finish the layup and go up strong against the defender.

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