Basketball Jump Conditioning

By | January 20, 2017

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Hi there. This next pro drill is called jumproping and there's five variations that I like to do, personally, as a pro basketballplayer. Jumping rope gives you a great agility. Many sports use the jump rope, it just helpsyou with hand and eye coordination and timing. Basically, it's a great conditioning drill.So the first variation that we're going to do is regular jumping. Just get a rhythm andconcentrate and mentally think about the turns of the rope, and before you know it, you'rejumping rope. Here we go. That is regular jump roping. Again, hand eyecoordination, timing, rhythm, it helps get your calf muscles strong, your ankles strong.Again, the timing is awesome. If you become

a great jump roper then you'll have good timingon the court. Jumping rope. Pro conditioning drill.

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