Basketball Fadeaway Jump Shot

By | January 24, 2017

Kobe Bryant Fadeaway How to Basketball Moves

This episode of Shot Mechanics is broughtto you by Krossover Intelligence. SImply upload your game footage and have the Krossover professionalsbreak down the different plays in the game. They will even make you a highlight tape withthe clips you chose. So go check out Krossover. the revolutionary game breakdown system. HiI'm Coach Collin Castellaw with Shot Mechanics and Hoop DIaries and today we are goingto learn Kobe Bryant's signature fadeaway. Now Kobe Bryant has the best fadeaway of alltime. We are going to break down just a few of the key points that will help you hit thefadeaway just like Kobe. And if you want to show us a little love, give us a like, comment,or subscription. It helps the channel grow

and we could not be more thankful! Also takejust a second and subscribe to Hoop Diaries . Seriously I'll wait, just hit it right there.I'm producing a ton of great content for with them so you know it's going to be that awesomeShot Mechanics touch. I truly believe that Hoop Diaries is going to be the future ofbasketball training so if you have not subscribe to them because they have a new website launchingin a couple weeks. Alright now that we got a little business out of the way let's checkout the Kobe Bryant Fadeaway. Kobe Bryant Fadeaway is brought to you by Krossover .They have the Shot Mechanics stamp of approval. Now there are a bunch of different ways thatKobe gets into his fadeaway so we are going

to focus on everything after the footwork.So the move begins before he even jumps away from his defender. Check out how early KobeBryant locks his eyes on his target. He knows that the longer he aims the more accuratehis shot is going to be so he finds it really early. Next Kobe Bryant jumps away from thedefender he makes sure his shooting elbow, shoulder, and hip are all aligned with thebasket. This ensures that the ball will fly straight towards the basket. Even if he can'tinitially get his hip facing the basket he whips his leg around so that way it forceshis hips to rotate. And the last thing is you want to make sure you have a higher thennormal shot pocket. Check out how Kobe brings

the ball higher above his head then normalthat way he gets extra separation and can get his shot up quicker before the defendercan block it. So keep in mind there are 3 main keys you want to remeber when you aredoing the Kobe Fadeaway. Kdey 1 you want to lock your eyes on the trget as fast asyou possibly can. The longer time you have to aim at a target the more accurate the shotis going to be. Key 2 you want to make sure you have your shooting elbow, shoulder, andhip all in align with the basket. That will make sure the ball flies straight and youdon't miss left to right like a lot of people do on their fadeaways. And key 3 you wantto move your shot pocket up. Instead of shooting

from about your forehead like you normallywould now you want to bring it above the top of your head that way you get extra separationfrom the defender and it's virtually unblockable. So keep those 3 keys in mind and you are goingto be drilling the fadeaway like Kobe in no time. Again I'm Coach Collin Castellaw withShot Mechanics and Hoop Diaries I want to thank you for watching and you guysare awesome.

Dirk Nowitzki Fadeaway Move Basketball Moves

This episode of Shot Mechanics is the 10MinuteShooting Trainer. Great shooters are not born, they are made and all it takes is 10 minutesa day. THis digital download is guaranteed to improve your percentage, consistency, andrange. Just enter the promo code quot;hoopsquot; for 20% off and become a Shot Mechanics lightsout shooter. Hi I'm Coach Collin Castellaw with SHot Mechanics and today we are going to learn Dirk Nowitzki's deadly fadeaway. Dirk Nowitzki kind of revolutionizedthe way the big man is looked at in the NBA. A seven footer that can shoot from the outsideand shoot over just about anybody. But besides his size he uses a couple tricks to help himget this fadeaway off uncontested every time.

So let's take a look at it. Although it helpsto be tall smaller players can effectively use this move as well. It is all about creatingseparation from your defender. Most of the time Dirk begins his fadeaway with a backdown.He keeps his left shoulder to the defender and his right hand dribbling the basketball.Dirk then times it to when he initiates contact he begins his spin move and drops his rightfoot deep into his defenders territory. This will put your defender out of position andmany times it will be hard for them to jump to contest your shot. Dirk then fades offof his left foot making it that much harder to block then extends his knees so that thedefender can't get close ehough to block his

shot. Check out how even though he is fadingaway he keeps a perfect 90 degrees in his shooting elbow. Dirk also moves his set pointof his shot above his head now he just has to find his target and knock it down. So rememberall you have to do is move your shot set point a little bit higher above your head. Yourgonna want to fadeaway from the defender and you are going to want to lock your eyes onthe rim as quick as you possibly can. And also try to put a little extra power intothe shot because you are fading away you are going to need it. Most people miss their fadeawayshort. If you love this tutorial and want to show some support just give

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