40 Vertical Jump

By | January 19, 2017

How To Jump Higher Fast Improve Your Vertical Jump

if the guys i wanna do something veryimportant and uh. it's super important and super overlooked from one of the reasons overlook isbecause it's a small lane uh. but not listen all things that make the biggest differencehow to jump higher and we don't do them because they're so easy to do this upeasy to do that it makes it easy

too just not do uh. and so this is uh. let me it was pretty whati mean if you wanted to knowhow to jummp higher fast twelve inches high you will never in one workout gain thismuch on your birth never going to happen you will never in one workout being thismuch

or never unless you have a great you knowhorrible technique and you work with somebody in heated enemy but but ingeneral you know gaining strength uh. being reactive billy you'll nevergetting this much mort if you really want didn't work that ison record here's how much do you do it he he gained

usually out that much what i'm saying it is he may have worked in maine he jumps in progress especially withthings like your strengthen your berkeley you make very very small incremental

uh. increases but those add up and eventually you can makevery very big changes these days lol corrections made big changes over time put it we're going to make that barelysmall change you'd have to bring tends to be usuallyare fected have to bring enough intensity togo just beyond what you're capable of doing

for example if you come to every workout and you do the stuff that we tell you todo but you only do it below the intensity necessary to gainbusiness you'll never progress it is never make any progress so that is a leading to tell you whyit's so still poor take track what you're doing

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