How to Increase Your Vertical?

You have to learn how to increase your vertical if you want to even have a chance at excelling at basketball. Every aspect of the sport requires you to jump higher than your opponent, whether it’s dunking, shooting, rebounding or blocking shots. Below are 3 tips to increase your vertical and crush the chumps who can’t even get rim:

1. Build your leg muscles – it can’t be emphasized enough that if you want to learn how to increase your vertical, you have to build your leg muscles. The absolute best exercise for this is squatting, wither with free weights or a machine.

Squats are important because they build your quads (front of the leg), hamstrings (back of the leg) and your glutes (your butt, for lack of a better term). By strengthening these muscles you can literally add explosive inches to your vertical.

2. Build your calf muscles – almost as equally important as your leg muscles are your calf muscles. Building these will add that extra juice to your jump and may actually give you an extra inch or two.

The best exercise I have found to build your calves is to simply stand on the edge of a step with the balls of your feet and your heels hanging over the edge. What you want to do is then raise yourself up on the balls of your feet. Then lower yourself back down so the heels go below the stair surface. Start with doing this with both feet and then gradually work up to doing it with one leg at a time.

3. Practice like a maniac – face it, if you want to learn how to increase your vertical, you have to practice – and practice a lot. You should literally be out every day practicing for as much time as possible. Set your goal and don’t quit until you reach it.

Training to jump higher is how to increase your vertical. Many factors can play a big role in your vertical jumping ability. Give you the speed, agility & quickness you only could dream of increasing your reaction time & overall mobility. You must perform dynamic workouts simulating real-time game play in order to get a stronger output. A lot of vertical jump programs only train you how to jump higher & not be faster, with some of the jumping techniques I share with you today not only will you become a stronger jumper but you will become deceptively quick building you stamina & lateral quickness. Here are five things you need to improve to enhance your mobility while training to jump higher.

Diet– You are what you eat right?

ยท Protein, Protein, & more protein. Protein is the building block of muscle. It repairs & builds lean muscle mass & strength when in combination with a work out plan. Vegetables are great for your immune system & can help with a speedy recovery from all of your workouts & can help fuel your workouts. Protein & the Greens are a great natural source of energy that you will need. So all the potato chips, cup cakes, sodas, & other fatty foods must go out the door for these vertical jump foods to work at its best.

Workout planning– Burn, Burn, Burn. In order to get stronger from a workout it is important that you work until you are exhausted to build endurance. When your body is sore from working out that could only mean two things.

1. You didn’t stretch properly

2. You got a very good workout.

You break your muscles down to be stronger & show resistance under certain circumstances. It is important that you workout at least 4 times out a week to build lean muscle to jump.

What workouts should I do to jump higher?

Any exercises training to jump higher

“High jumping training”

1. Squats- with weights or without weights- start with your own body weight to build a solid foundation of what movements to make.

2. Dumbbell lunges- This workout is great for building strength in quads hamstrings & gluts.

3. Jump Rope- This is great not only for your heart but this exercise alone will make your fast twitch muscles super strong giving you the ability to unlock your lateral strength & get a very strong vertical leap.

4. Platform Jumps or Box Jumps- This workout is a great over all high jumping training technique. This exercise must be preformed at a repetitive pace. It is a great basketball jumping exercise.